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Personal Finance Basics-Track Your PAN Card Status Online

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PAN card is now mandatory for almost all the financial transactions. You can check and track your PAN card status online using a few simple ways.

Permanent Account Number

Permanent Account Number or PAN as we usually know it is a unique number allotted to every taxpayer in India. The Income Tax Department is the responsible agency dealing with assigning and maintaining records of PAN. 

The number is alphanumeric and contains ten digits. The PAN has been introduced by the government of India to calculate the total tax-induced in the country to fix the rate of taxation. It is mandatory to use PAN while you carry out any financial transaction above Rs 50,000/-. 

Apply Online for a PAN Card

Applying online for a PAN card is simpler nowadays. All one has to do is, fill up the application form, pay the fee, and wait for the necessary review by the Income-tax department. 

One can also check the status of the PAN application form and how long it may take to be processed online. 

The NSDL website provides the link for tracking the status by filling the necessary details to check the status of the particular PAN.

How to Track the Status of Your PAN Card?

Two Agencies

You can apply through two agencies for allotment of PAN either UTI or NSDL.


After the successful completion of the application, you will receive a confirmation email or pop-up message containing the acknowledgement number or a coupon number.

This number is specific for the application form filled and you can use it as a reference number for any issues during the processing.  

An acknowledgement number is a 15-digit number whereas the coupon number is ten digits long.

Processing Time

Sometimes the processing takes a little long, so there is no need to panic and use the facility of Online tracking provided. Tracking status of the PAN card using the acknowledgement number for NDSL and coupon number for the UTI is easy. 

The details about the PAN application are updated after 5-6 days after the generation of receipt or ticket number. One should wait until the information gets updated. 

Tracking Your PAN Status

While tracking the PAN, one needs to provide a particular receipt number. Tracking can also be done using the name and date of birth (DOB) of the applicant. The e-mudra portal can also be used to track the PAN card status nowadays.

Monitoring NSDL PAN Application Status

NSDL PAN Application Status

Monitoring NSDL PAN application status is simple

The status of the PAN card takes the time to be updated in the database. Wait for at least a week after the completion of the application for tracking the status of the PAN Card.

Visit the official website of the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) to start with the steps to track the status. 

  • Go to the link to of NSDL site
  • Go for the menu ‘Know the status of your PAN application’ on the main website and a new tab would open. 
  • You need to select the application type ‘PAN New/Change Request’ from the drop-down menu. 
  • The next field requires the 15-digit numeric number, i.e. the acknowledgement number. 
  • The following textbox field needs the Name and Date of Birth of the applicant in the given format. It is a mandatory field and marked with an asterisk. 
  • Fill in the details and submit them to know the status. 

Tracking UTI PAN Application Status

UTI PAN Card status online

Checking your UTI PAN Card status online is simple

UTI stands for Unit Trust of India. A person can also apply for PAN through the UTI and also check the status of the application. 

Visit the website of UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited for further tracking.  The page gets directed to a monitoring application page of the portal. 

The UTI tracking procedure requires the 10-digit number as the coupon number. The number is the input to the first text field on the page.  

Click the submit button and wait for the refreshed page showing the status. 

The Takeaway

I hope, you must have got a broad overview of tracking of your PAN application status. The status of the PAN card should be checked online after around a week giving enough time to update the information. 

Vande Mataram

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