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Need Vs Wants

Needs Vs Wants 3

There’s a significant difference between needs and wants when you decide to spend or invest your money. Everybody’s needs and wants vary. “Need” is something without which you can’t live. For example, food, clothes, house and such others. “Want” is what you like or wish to do/possess, but possibly can do without it. For Example, you want an iPhone, even though your current phone works well. A want is something you can afford, but you don’t need it. It is…

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Frugal Living Vs Living Cheap

Frugal Vs Cheap 2

Individuals living cheap check only the price. They assume that less money is the only way to get profit, but they don’t take other factors into account. Frugal individuals know it’s safer, occasionally, to pay up. While a premium mattress can cost more, the added support and ergonomics can benefit those with back pain. The extra money paid at a premium shop for a pair of timeless jeans will lead to inner happiness. Individuals living cheap can not be as competent…

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