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The Social Media and Online Gaming Chemistry

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Social media has made our life effortless. Though social media was mainly introduced to be in contact with our friends and loved ones, to understand what’s happening in their lives and keeping them updated about ours, it has transformed into the essential marketing tool used by the companies and entrepreneurs.

People are using social media as a medium for online gaming and even to pass their time. Let’s understand the chemistry between social media and online gaming.

video game addiction

Video game addiction is a disorder

Milton H Erickson, the American Psychiatrist once beautifully summarized communication, “The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response.

Apparently, these days people are using social media to post their trip photos, tweet the links, to be in contact with Ex-colleagues and classmates. However, there is a lot more to it.

Social media has evolved as a platform for personal online identity. It is now defining us. It is giving us a chance to express ourselves better and also to broadcast our virtual online brand to the world. 

Multiple Social Media Platforms

Social media provides a platform for all kinds of needs. The kitty has Facebook for personal updates, running campaigns, games, Instagram for pictorial expression, Twitter for knowing the happenings of celebrity lives and rapid news, Snapchat for artistic expression, and this list goes on and on.  

Social Media and Online Gaming 

Only a few years back, we used social media for interacting with people who were far from us. Subsequently, it became the most widely used medium for self-admiration. When it became popular, people and even brands started posting their content on social channels in different ways, hoping to engage and hook on a broader audience.

Facebook introduced a new strategy of demographics and the smart, direct paid targeting where the person posting the content could decide the target audience. It helped the companies to create more relevant and engaging content and promote to only the people who are interested in it.

A decade ago, social media and video games were two different worlds, remained separate for long, and still were able to satisfy customers. The line got blurred between these two industries day by day.

Since 2015-16, with Web 3.0 incorporating Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and other customized online services including social media and streaming services such as Netflix, the digital world has become more semantic.

Now, people are trying to find new ways to keep their users engaged and logged in. It has not only helped companies in reaching a larger audience but also helped the players to get an identity while playing those games.

People got enthusiastic about playing online games for free and sharing their achievements in their games on social media such as Facebook feeds. This way, they encouraged other people to play as well. This enthusiasm not only appealed people to pay some amount for meeting these targets but also motivated them to revisit for more.  

Online games being addictive appeals to many age groups. Though great platforms for many sections of the society, online gaming playing with the psychological effect of greed harms many.

 The children spend most of their time on these games rather than on their studies or physical activities making them lazy and lethargic. Introvert people who are not so social find the lost charm and great past time in online gaming easily forgetting the world around them. 

The chemistry and connection between social media and online gaming companies are worth noting. Gaming companies aim to get hold of social media for the range and depth it touches on the internet. The gaming industry is always in search of new users, and social media is a significant source. 

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other web or mobile social media service you start using, a slight liking for online gaming, shall be kind enough to load your homepage with pop up ads courtesy Artificial Intelligence

Major gaming companies try to get hold of the budding game players or young children with a variety of ad campaigns. Social media is one such place to hook on, and the online gaming companies are well aware of it. 

Actually, the companies must ask customer’s permission to engage with them unlike the present use of spam and push notifications. This University of California Television’s video aptly explains the loss of empathy.

Push notifications find extensive applications across diverse businesses and industries including Online gaming. Clevertap’s 2018 report spells out that an average US smartphone user gets 46 push notifications every day. 

The Essence 

Social media and online gaming marketers will continue to utilize each other’s strengths and continue to evolve together. The rules are changing now, companies need continuous changes to maintain their position in the market, and online gaming is one of them. 

Also, they have to be careful about customer satisfaction because one negative opinion reaches millions of people. The feedback of earlier customers becomes a game-changer, shows this study by the invespcro shows its importance, bringing a reflection on the opinions and beliefs of consumers.

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