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Video Games Addiction -Is Your Kid Addictive?

Nowadays with easy accessibility to mobile gadgets and excessive internet use, children are becoming highly addicted to digital gaming or video gaming. Video games addiction is quite pronounced in young children. Researchers have given names such as Problematic Internet Use (PIU) and Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) to such addictive behaviours.      This addiction takes a huge toll on the kids both physically as well as mentally. Professionals are still debating that the tendency of video games addiction has not…

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Meditation Can Help You Kill Depression

In today’s fast-paced life, every day, a new disease is coming into existence due to the changing lifestyle patterns. Depression tops these medical ailments. Many people don’t consider depression as a disease, however, the number of people affected is far more than from any other illness. Depression may appear as just a mental condition, sometimes the threats are enormous, even leading a person to attempt suicide.  There are more than 350 million known cases of it. Many people knowingly hide…

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