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Personal Finance Basics-Track Your PAN Card Status Online


PAN card is now mandatory for almost all the financial transactions. You can check and track your PAN card status online using a few simple ways. Permanent Account Number Permanent Account Number or PAN as we usually know it is a unique number allotted to every taxpayer in India. The Income Tax Department is the responsible agency dealing with assigning and maintaining records of PAN.  The number is alphanumeric and contains ten digits. The PAN has been introduced by the…

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Personal Finance Basics- Apply for a Duplicate Pan Card Online

duplicate pan card online

PAN Card is an essential document with legal validity. If lost, one can easily apply for a duplicate PAN card online. When Do You Need a Duplicate PAN? What if you were in the middle of a significant financial transaction and realized that the PAN card wasn’t there in your pocket? Or maybe someone stole your wallet or purse containing the PAN card?  Such misfortune would interrupt the work. Understanding the importance of the PAN card, the Income Tax department…

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