Demystifying 3D Printing

3d printing application

The 3D printing technology was relatively unheard of terminology until a few years ago. Recently, it has gained momentum with the NASA opting to invest in 3D food printing technology.  3D printing technology is nowadays growing in numerous fields of applications such as robotics, toy manufacturing, plastic engineering, medicine, biomedical engineering, automotive industry, aerospace, fashion, power industry, glass manufacturing and many more.  Let’s briefly understand what exactly is this technology, and how does it function. What Exactly is 3D Printing?…

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Diet Plans You Must Know-Part 1

Healthy Diet plan

Your diet plan lets you become fit and healthy, but with plenty of distraction and fast lifestyle, this only remains a dream for many. This article has two follow-up posts in the series, Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 2  and “Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 3″ which covers a few more little known diet plans that might intrigue you. Let’s begin. Following an appropriate diet plan suiting your requirements is the key. Excessive calorie intake and lack of…

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Real Story of Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT)

Aryan Invasion Map

Historians have long grappled the Aryan invasion theory with a lot of doubtful conclusions. Britannica Encyclopedia mentions, The theory of an “Aryan race” appeared in the mid-19th century and remained prevalent until the mid-20th century. What is the Aryan Invasion Theory? The Aryan Invasion Theory states that a European tribe named Aryans had invaded India about 1500 B.C. They were also responsible for composing the Rig Veda, the science of building chariots, bringing in agriculture, and a host of other…

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Mysterious Riddle of the Indus (Harappan) Script

Indus seal with unicorn

The Indus or Harappan script of the Indus valley civilization is one of the riddles yet to be solved. The script has still not been wholly translated or deciphered till date.  It will be interesting to know the history, heritage and the deciphering attempts for the Indus or Harappan script. The Bronze Age civilization of Indian Subcontinent called Indus civilization or the Harappan civilization flourished from about 2500 B.C to 1900 B.C. Scholars, and researchers found many shreds of evidence…

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Personal Finance Basics-Track Your PAN Card Status Online


PAN card is now mandatory for almost all the financial transactions. You can check and track your PAN card status online using a few simple ways. Permanent Account Number Permanent Account Number or PAN as we usually know it is a unique number allotted to every taxpayer in India. The Income Tax Department is the responsible agency dealing with assigning and maintaining records of PAN.  The number is alphanumeric and contains ten digits. The PAN has been introduced by the…

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Personal Finance Basics- Apply for a Duplicate Pan Card Online

duplicate pan card online

PAN Card is an essential document with legal validity. If lost, one can easily apply for a duplicate PAN card online. When Do You Need a Duplicate PAN? What if you were in the middle of a significant financial transaction and realized that the PAN card wasn’t there in your pocket? Or maybe someone stole your wallet or purse containing the PAN card?  Such misfortune would interrupt the work. Understanding the importance of the PAN card, the Income Tax department…

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The Story of Meanders India

Meanders clothin

Meanders India, an adventure tour organising company is going leaps and bounds to scale new heights in its category of tour organising. Meanders India intends to give its tourists a soul-enriching experience in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. Meanders’ Story When years of expertise in the hospitality industry and an unparalleled vision of biking tours and adventure tourism comes together, a phenomenon like Meanders India unfolds.  The brainchild of the innate rider…

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Personal Finance Basics-Apply Online for a New PAN Card

PAN Card apply online

The process of applying online for a new PAN Card is extremely simple nowadays. The amount that is required to be paid for a New PAN Card is also minimal. Permanent Account number or widely known as PAN is ten-digit number allotted to all types of taxpayers in India. It is alphanumeric and unique to each individual or firm. The dealing agency to maintain all correspondence and records concerning PAN is the Income Tax Department. The aim of introducing PAN…

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Personal Finance Basics-Know About Your PAN Card

know about your PAN card

The Income-tax department issues you a PAN card. It is not just an identity proof. The Income Tax department of India provides it to every income taxpayer. A PAN card has been made mandatory for the majority of financial transactions. One can notice a lack of awareness about PAN number. Let us go through a few noteworthy points to know about your PAN card. Does the PAN Carry any Meaning? Have you ever wondered why the PAN number is an…

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Personal Finance Basics-Why Should You Get a PAN card?

PAN Card

Having a PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card provides you with ample benefits. It is now compulsory to quote your PAN in various types of financial transactions. Therefore, it is pertinent to know “Why should you get a PAN card?” Permanent Account Number PAN as we know or Permanent Account Number is non-duplicate and unique number of 10 digits. The regulatory authority is the Income Tax Department.  Whether it is for buying or selling a property or submitting an official fee…

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