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Immigration to Sweden- Is It Difficult?

Immigration to Sweden

Sweden has one of Europe’s most strict immigration policies. However, it has relaxed immigration requirements except for children under the age of 18 and adults aged 18 to 20 and the residents of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and the rest of the EU. The easiest way of applying for immigration to Sweden is to apply online. The Swedish Government website states about its migration policy as – Sweden’s migration policy comprises refugee and immigration policy, return policy, support for repatriation…

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Do You Know These Facts about Antarctica?

Mt Herschel Antarctica

A few years back speculations were ripe that Antarctica was known as the Southern Island (“Terra Australis”). However, a Russian expedition first sighted the continent only in 1820.  Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent that covers an approximate area of 5.4 million square miles. Situated inside the Arctic circle, the mean temperature of the continent is about -49° C. The population is scarce. Flora and fauna are acclimatised to the harsh conditions of the largest desert. Blood Waterfall The continent has…

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