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Cryptocurrencies- Are They the Future of Currencies ?

Cryptocurrencies 1

We are moving forward to a world which will soon be digitized entirely. Cryptocurrencies are knocking the door as the future of currencies. No wonder one day we wake up to find it as true. A technophile or a group of technophiles in the year 2009 by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto developed the idea of digitalized money commonly known as cryptocurrency. Let us dig deeper into the idea of cryptocurrency and explore whether it has the potential to be considered…

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3D Printing Technologies You Must Know

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Using 3D Printing you create a physical 3D object from a digital model or file of that object. 3D Printing, or sometimes called Additive Manufacturing,  typically involves putting down many progressive microscopically thin layers (16 to 180 microns) of the raw material to create a 3D model of any desired object from your imagination. Whichever technology you utilise, all 3D printers do the same job using a similar process of constructing the desired object layer by layer, transforming it into complex…

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Demystifying 3D Printing

3d printing application

The 3D printing technology was relatively unheard of terminology until a few years ago. Recently, it has gained momentum with the NASA opting to invest in 3D food printing technology.  3D printing technology is nowadays growing in numerous fields of applications such as robotics, toy manufacturing, plastic engineering, medicine, biomedical engineering, automotive industry, aerospace, fashion, power industry, glass manufacturing and many more.  Let’s briefly understand what exactly is this technology, and how does it function. What Exactly is 3D Printing?…

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