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Should Financial Planning be Included in School Curriculum?

financial planning in school 2

How will it be if financial planning is included in the school curriculum? Financial literacy is a crucial life skill regardless of who you are or what you do. Students should also understand the fundamentals of money management, including how debt works, why it’s not a good idea to go on a shopping spree with a credit card, how to budget within our means each month, the value of saving, and how to maximize your savings. Nonetheless, relatively little of…

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Need Vs Wants

Needs Vs Wants 3

There’s a significant difference between needs and wants when you decide to spend or invest your money. Everybody’s needs and wants vary. “Need” is something without which you can’t live. For example, food, clothes, house and such others. “Want” is what you like or wish to do/possess, but possibly can do without it. For Example, you want an iPhone, even though your current phone works well. A want is something you can afford, but you don’t need it. It is…

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Frugal Living Vs Living Cheap

Frugal Vs Cheap 2

Individuals living cheap check only the price. They assume that less money is the only way to get profit, but they don’t take other factors into account. Frugal individuals know it’s safer, occasionally, to pay up. While a premium mattress can cost more, the added support and ergonomics can benefit those with back pain. The extra money paid at a premium shop for a pair of timeless jeans will lead to inner happiness. Individuals living cheap can not be as competent…

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Cryptocurrencies- Are They the Future of Currencies ?

Cryptocurrencies 1

We are moving forward to a world which will soon be digitized entirely. Cryptocurrencies are knocking the door as the future of currencies. No wonder one day we wake up to find it as true. A technophile or a group of technophiles in the year 2009 by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto developed the idea of digitalized money commonly known as cryptocurrency. Let us dig deeper into the idea of cryptocurrency and explore whether it has the potential to be considered…

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How Lifestyle Inflation as a Problem Affects Financial Goals?

Lifestyle Inflation 1

The ongoing COVID pandemic has taught us the value of many trivial things in our lives, from a usual morning walk to travelling, vacationing, to a simple family get together. Many people have become jobless and are facing a financial crisis.   Emergent situations such as job loss or a medical emergency can make a drastic impact on our lives. For sure, however, once we are out of this situation, we come out as a whole new human being.  Such changed…

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Personal Finance Basics-Track Your PAN Card Status Online


PAN card is now mandatory for almost all the financial transactions. You can check and track your PAN card status online using a few simple ways. Permanent Account Number Permanent Account Number or PAN as we usually know it is a unique number allotted to every taxpayer in India. The Income Tax Department is the responsible agency dealing with assigning and maintaining records of PAN.  The number is alphanumeric and contains ten digits. The PAN has been introduced by the…

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Personal Finance Basics- Apply for a Duplicate Pan Card Online

duplicate pan card online

PAN Card is an essential document with legal validity. If lost, one can easily apply for a duplicate PAN card online. When Do You Need a Duplicate PAN? What if you were in the middle of a significant financial transaction and realized that the PAN card wasn’t there in your pocket? Or maybe someone stole your wallet or purse containing the PAN card?  Such misfortune would interrupt the work. Understanding the importance of the PAN card, the Income Tax department…

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Personal Finance Basics-Apply Online for a New PAN Card

PAN Card apply online

The process of applying online for a new PAN Card is extremely simple nowadays. The amount that is required to be paid for a New PAN Card is also minimal. Permanent Account number or widely known as PAN is ten-digit number allotted to all types of taxpayers in India. It is alphanumeric and unique to each individual or firm. The dealing agency to maintain all correspondence and records concerning PAN is the Income Tax Department. The aim of introducing PAN…

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Personal Finance Basics-Know About Your PAN Card

know about your PAN card

The Income-tax department issues you a PAN card. It is not just an identity proof. The Income Tax department of India provides it to every income taxpayer. A PAN card has been made mandatory for the majority of financial transactions. One can notice a lack of awareness about PAN number. Let us go through a few noteworthy points to know about your PAN card. Does the PAN Carry any Meaning? Have you ever wondered why the PAN number is an…

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Personal Finance Basics-Why Should You Get a PAN card?

PAN Card

Having a PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card provides you with ample benefits. It is now compulsory to quote your PAN in various types of financial transactions. Therefore, it is pertinent to know “Why should you get a PAN card?” Permanent Account Number PAN as we know or Permanent Account Number is non-duplicate and unique number of 10 digits. The regulatory authority is the Income Tax Department.  Whether it is for buying or selling a property or submitting an official fee…

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