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Migraine – What and How of It ?


Migraine, the pulsating pain or headache that usually happens on one side of the head has become a common problem. Healthy habits and simple medical treatments can stop migraines before they originate. Migraine is a disease of neurology which can show multiple symptoms. It is characterized by severe, weak headaches with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, speech discomfort, confusion or tingling and light and sound sensitivity. Migraines are a common occurrence and affect every generation. Migraines may start in childhood,…

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Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 3

diet plans you must know Part-3

It is the Part-3 and the final follow-up post of my ongoing series of posts on “Diet plans you must know” in which I am collating information on a few lesser-known diet plans. By now, you must have already read the Part-1 and Part-2 of this series. If you haven’t read those, please read the Part-1 covering eleven diet plans and the Part-2 covering eight diet plans in my previous posts. I also covered useful information supplemented with research statistics…

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Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 2

diet plans you must know

It is a follow-up post of my previous post on “Diet plans you must know” in which I collated information on a few lesser-known diet plans as Part-1 of this series. If you haven’t read those, please read the Part-1 covering eleven diet plans in my previous posts. I have followed this series up in the Part-3 with a few more diet plans. Do check that out too at “Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 3.” I also covered selected…

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Why is Popcorn a Healthy Snack?

Popcorn healthy snack

Popcorn, the name is enough to bring water to your mouth. Popcorn, the healthy snack, is a generic nomenclature of the types of maize with kernels which, when heated produces flakes. Corn gives us the popcorn, a quickly made yet delicious piece of snack which we enjoy on almost every occasion. Popping volume and popcorn texture as parameters, define popcorn’s commercial viability as a snack food. Popcorn has traditionally been a popular snack food in all parts of the world….

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Diet Plans You Must Know-Part 1

Healthy Diet plan

Your diet plan lets you become fit and healthy, but with plenty of distraction and fast lifestyle, this only remains a dream for many. This article has two follow-up posts in the series, Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 2  and “Diet Plans You Must Know- Part 3″ which covers a few more little known diet plans that might intrigue you. Let’s begin. Following an appropriate diet plan suiting your requirements is the key. Excessive calorie intake and lack of…

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Best Ways to Make Your Weight Loss Program Work

weight loss program

You, as a weight watcher, must have brainstormed, searched, identified, and experimented with the best weight loss programs an ample number of times by now. Weight loss is a daunting task and sometimes becomes even frustrating when one has a desperate target of hitting a desired weight loss figure. The grams and kilograms dangle to and fro and suddenly come to a standstill. I know, you are always looking for that magical key to rapid weight loss and finding the…

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The Social Media and Online Gaming Chemistry

social media online gaming

Social media has made our life effortless. Though social media was mainly introduced to be in contact with our friends and loved ones, to understand what’s happening in their lives and keeping them updated about ours, it has transformed into the essential marketing tool used by the companies and entrepreneurs. People are using social media as a medium for online gaming and even to pass their time. Let’s understand the chemistry between social media and online gaming. Milton H Erickson,…

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Video Games Addiction -Is Your Kid Addictive?

Nowadays with easy accessibility to mobile gadgets and excessive internet use, children are becoming highly addicted to digital gaming or video gaming. Video games addiction is quite pronounced in young children. Researchers have given names such as Problematic Internet Use (PIU) and Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) to such addictive behaviours.      This addiction takes a huge toll on the kids both physically as well as mentally. Professionals are still debating that the tendency of video games addiction has not…

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Meditation Can Help You Kill Depression

In today’s fast-paced life, every day, a new disease is coming into existence due to the changing lifestyle patterns. Depression tops these medical ailments. Many people don’t consider depression as a disease, however, the number of people affected is far more than from any other illness. Depression may appear as just a mental condition, sometimes the threats are enormous, even leading a person to attempt suicide.  There are more than 350 million known cases of it. Many people knowingly hide…

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