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Best Ways to Make Your Weight Loss Program Work

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You, as a weight watcher, must have brainstormed, searched, identified, and experimented with the best weight loss programs an ample number of times by now.

Weight loss is a daunting task and sometimes becomes even frustrating when one has a desperate target of hitting a desired weight loss figure. The grams and kilograms dangle to and fro and suddenly come to a standstill.

Weight loss

Best ways for weight loss

I know, you are always looking for that magical key to rapid weight loss and finding the best weight loss program. Well, you are not alone in this search.

Not only you, the established weight loss brands such as WW (Weight Watchers), an Oprah Winfrey backed company is bringing in new weight loss programs, reports USA Today in this recent article.

Ever took notice of as to why your weight loss program comes to a standstill even after following all workout routines and trying different diet plans? Also, you must have known by now that cutting down your daily calories and hitting gyms regularly is not the best way to lose your belly fat.

Weight Loss Plateau

The stalling of weight loss at a point is known as a weight-loss plateau. Weight loss plateau is a normal phenomenon that hit every ambitious weight loser. However, sometimes, it is a bit frustrating and discouraging too.

University Health News, America’s leading health advice magazine aptly covered the story behind the weight loss plateaus in this recent article.

Your weight loss program needs a few necessary changes in your food eating habits and metabolism. Also, you might need to replan your exercises and workout plans to overcome the weight loss plateau.

Citing the main reason for weight gain, this book on weight management in military programs, published by the USA’s National Center for Biotechnology Information shows,

As energy intake or calorie intake exceeds energy expenditure by the body,” a person hits the weight gain stage where fat loss becomes negligible.

Let’s go through the best ways to make your weight loss program work.

#1 Re-evaluate Your Caloric Needs

Adjustment of calories is significant to gain the much-desired flat belly, without hitting the weight loss plateau. The gym trainers and dieticians usually opine that re-evaluation of diet and calories is a must when aiming towards weight loss.

Confirming it, this research study on Very Low Energy Diet (VLED) and Hypo-energetic Balanced Diet (HBD), found,

People after following VLED maintained a weight loss of 20 Kgs or more as compared to those people who followed HBD and maintained a weight loss of less than or equal to 10 Kgs.

Sometimes you might have also experienced that the diet which you followed on the first day of your workout is not helping you out on the hundredth-day courtesy, human body adaptation.

Thus, to lose weight, one has to keep a check on calorie intake regularly as this research study published in the British Journal of Nutrition shows,

The current and past dieters had higher scores for cognitive dietary restraint and disinhibition compared with non-dieters.

#2 Fibre Guides a Quick Weight Loss

Research shows that higher fibre foods help in trimming the fat from the body. High fibrous food is more nutritious and filling.

A recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine concludes that a simple change in your daily meal by eating 30 grams of fibre can significantly aid your weight loss program.

Every gram of fibre helps in cutting down seven calories in a day. That means, if you add 30-40 grams of fibre in your food, you could cancel out 210-280 calories a day. You can reduce weight up to 17-18 kg in a year by doing so.

Therefore, next time, try to swap some of your daily eateries, with high fibre food.

#3 Caffeine Intake

Your coffee plays an essential part in your day to day weight loss frustration. Caffeine can significantly hinder your weight loss program. Researchers seem to be in a dilemma over coffee consumption aiding or hindering weight loss. One research suggests that coffee intake increases your metabolic rate, however, increases fat oxidation too.

A study conducted by a team in Washington found that an intake of more than five cups of coffee significantly increases belly fat storage. Another recent study concludes that caffeine intake might promote weight, BMI and body fat reduction.” 

On the contrary, five cups of another functional food such as green tea clubbed with weekly 3 hours of exercise can help in losing weight up to 800 grams.

Green tea consists of fat-blasting compounds known as catechins. These fat-killing compounds assist in speeding up metabolism and bringing back your weight loss routine on track.

#4 Cheat Diet

Yes, sometimes cheating is good for health, especially when it is helping you in reducing bulging body parts. The moment you start hitting weight loss plateau, you can consume a carb-rich free meal.

When we lose weight, we also lose fat, producing lesser leptin, a hormone released from the fat cells.

Leptin production commands the brain to save calories to prevent starvation. So, the best way to increase leptin production is to start consuming carbohydrates.

The right amount of glucose helps in burning calories at a reasonable rate. You can trick your brain easily by cheating your diet.

#5 Cut Down Sodium Intake

Salt contains the right amount of sodium. Bloating and retention happen due to processed sodium-filled foods.

The average food intake has over 200 times the amount of sodium that the human body needs,

writes Vincent S. Filingeri, Ph.D., in his book titled “Fat Control: The Net Equation,” a book written to address obesity.

The US government recently released the newest version of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020, a research-based guide designed to help Americans make healthier food choices. The guidelines cover the problem of consuming too much sodium and say,

The vast majority of adults eat more sodium than they should—an average of more than 3,400 mg each day.

The guidelines in its report about sodium published by the US Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also mentions,

Eating too much sodium puts Americans at risk for developing serious medical conditions, like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

The American Heart Association found out that “9 out of 10 Americans eat too much sodium.” The chemistry between water and sodium is powerful. Water molecules attach themselves to a sodium molecule like an iron piece attracted to a magnet.

Therefore, slash down processed sodium-filled eateries from your diets such as cheese, frozen dinners, canned beans, and other junk foods. you must know the salt amount before you consume.

#6 Almonds Before Workout

If you are sweating every day to shed away extra fat from your body, it is also essential for you to keep your muscles fit and healthy. To do so, you can add a hard-boiled egg and about 15-16 almonds and a cup of oatmeal for breakfast.

In a research study on the relation of an almond rich low-calorie diet (LC D) and weight reduction, the study found that

The almond-LCD group experienced sustained and greater weight reduction.

Almonds are a rich source of amino- acid L-arginine, which helps you in dissolving extra fat and carbs. You can even add dates and cherries to your diet to reduce food cravings, which usually occurs during weight loss. Research has proved that adding weight controlling food in a diet helps one in accelerating healthy weight loss.

#7 Eat Regularly

Skipping a meal will not make your belly fat vanish. Experts advise meal skipping makes your metabolism weak and slow, which causes blood sugar levels to fall rapidly. These, as a result, make your weight loss standstill at a point and make you overeat.

It is also advisable to take fat, protein, and carbohydrates in an equal amount every 4 hours. The Global Weight Loss Diet Market Report 2018-2024 deeply analyses and brings forth the statistics of the global weight loss diet market and reports that regular periodical meals assist you in burning calories throughout the day.

#8 Water Consumption

Brenda Davy, Ph.D., brought out in a research study, presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society that “increased water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy.”  She brought out the finding of two studies.

Earlier studies had found that “middle-aged and older people who drank two cups of water right before eating a meal ate between 75 and 90 fewer calories during that meal.”

This recent study, funded by the Institute for Public Health and Water Research, a non -profit, independent science and education organization, included 48 adults aged 55-75 years, divided into two groups. The study found that “over the course of 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before meals, three times per day, lost about 5 pounds more than dieters who did not increase their water intake.”

#9 Eat More Protein

Protein is a great way to boost up metabolism and also helps muscles to shred fat. Protein in the right amount can also assist in suppressing the hormone, ghrelin, that is produced in the stomach. It arouses your appetite. It is also discovered from new research that unsteady change in protein consumption helps in losing more weight. So, it is an easy way to lose weight. You can learn new exercises followed by a glass full of protein shake, or you can use supplements also.

#10 Weight Loss Maintenance and Exercise

Incorporating new exercises and workout plans in your routine is a faster way to fat loss and in reaching your weight loss goal earlier. It is more manageable if you befriend a gym freak who can assist you in following a routine daily.

This study that compared commercial and self-help weight loss programs found that “the structured commercial weight loss program provided modest weight loss but more than self-help over two years.”

James W Anderson and fellow researchers conclude in this research study on weight loss maintenance, “Irrespective of the gender, those who exercised more had significantly greater weight-loss maintenance than did those who exercised less.”

It can even help you in regaining your lost confidence. You can also add new physical activities such as tennis, hiking, rock climbing, or boxing. You can even incorporate new cardio into your workout routine. If you typically add a few longer cardio workouts, it will not only help you in fast fat loss but will also revitalize your muscles.

#11 Interval Training

Interval training is a fantastic way to increase your calorie-burning capacity. “High-intensity aerobic interval training (HIIT) is a compromise between time-consuming moderate-intensity training and sprint-interval training requiring all-out efforts,” says this research study.

The study demonstrates that “repeated high-intensity exercise sessions over a few weeks is a powerful method to increase whole-body and skeletal muscle capacities to oxidize fat and carbohydrate in previously untrained individuals.”

Nutritionists and Health experts, therefore, advise interval training for accelerating metabolism and swaying away weight loss plateau. In such sessions, regular training exercise speeds up for a short period and then resumes back to an average rate for a more extended period. However, a continuous alteration in the work routine is a must. One can also experiment with a variation of the sprint interval training, such as five minutes of walking, followed by all sprints for a minute and then walking for at least two minutes. It can even vary as per the intensity.

#12 Maintain Log for Calorie Intake

Your day to day lifestyle plays a vital role in weight loss. Munching on leftovers can also increase your weight. Such excess and unnecessary calorie intake also increase belly fat. We eat more and move less. Dieticians usually opine that people who maintain a food journal or a diary tend to lose more weight. Jotting down your daily calorie intake is a weight-loss hack that lets you discover what is right and what is not suitable for your body.

#13 Sleep Well

Late-night sleeping beauties can never hit their desired figure on the weighing machine. Lack of sleep not only leaves you slow and weak but also brings some harmful long term effects.

“Lack of sufficient sleep may compromise the efficacy of typical dietary interventions for weight loss and related metabolic risk reduction,” concludes this research on insufficient sleep and weight loss efforts.

“When participants’ sleep was restricted to only 5.5 hours each night, they lost less body fat and more lean body mass than when they slept for 8.5 hours,” found this research study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Insufficient sleep leads to increment in stress hormones, which hinders your weight loss. Therefore, it’s better to be a sleeping head than a night owl if weight loss is your goal.

#14 Rest Days

Sometimes focusing too much on any purpose can also make efforts to go in vain and can also discourage one from reaching your weight loss goal. Rest and recoup is a standard rule usually followed in military parlance.

“Because resting energy expenditure accounts for 60% to 75% of the calories you burn each day, any increase in resting energy expenditure is significant to your weight-loss effort,” brings out this article by Harvard Health Publishing on the importance of rest for achieving weight loss.

It will not only bring you back on track but will give you another chance to reassess your diet and workout. Taking a few days off from your gym routine is a good thing.

#15 Power Through

Patience is the best key when you hit a weight loss goal. Follow this proverb, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” when you start getting disheartened.  Never feel discouraged and never give up on your goal.

Reward yourself for every success while hitting the weight loss goal. It’s not necessary to reward yourself in the form of some eating treat, think of enjoying a gentle head massage, manicure, or a movie with your close friend.

#16 Aim Higher, Avoid Weight Regain

The moment you gain endurance and intensity, keep looking at your favourite pair of jeans to get fit in. Once you achieve it, then the next daunting task is to maintain the weight loss. This research study on long term weight maintenance suggests six critical strategies for long-term success at weight loss.

  • engaging in high levels of physical activity
  • eating a diet that is low in calories and fat
  • eating breakfast
  • self-monitoring weight regularly
  • maintaining a consistent eating pattern
  • catching “slips” before they turn into larger regains

The Takeaway

The statistics of the affected people is overwhelming. The USA’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in a recent survey, found that “71 per cent of the adults aged 20 and more in the US are overweight or obese.” Fat burning is frustrating and tiresome but, giving up will land you in more trouble, so fasten your seat belt and understand your diet and throttle your exercise and workout routine.

Densie Webb, Ph.D., aptly defines tips to overcome the puzzle of why your weight loss program doesn’t work in this recent article in Chicago Health Magazine.

A religious following of these ways can surprisingly help you in getting a better result, and then probably you won’t say, “my weight loss program doesn’t work” anymore.

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